The horrifying reality is, that until fairly recently, you were almost certain not to be safe just walking around in your own home because almost all floor tiles manufactured in the past few decades up until the mid 80’s, contained asbestos! It’s strange wonder then that not more people have come forward to claim legal entitlement to asbestos compensation.

Indeed, there is likely to be a strong case to be made by a specialist asbestosis lawyer to appeal to individuals who suspect that this may very well have been the situation, or still a present reality at their home dwelling. The potential cause and fatal effects are serious enough to warrant seeking professional asbestos advice.

It becomes even more urgent and life threatening if ill health has been prevalent which might be attributable to suspected asbestos symptoms.

Almost all floor tiles manufactured – in sizes 9’x9′ and more recently 12’x12′ – make asbestos almost certain to be present in many homes constructed prior to the 1980s. However, they can cause asbestos exposure only if the asbestos fibres are allowed to disintegrate and spread in the air.

Use of asbestos not only made the manufacturing process much easier than other conventional materials, but was extremely durable and cost-effective.

Asbestos fibres possess:

• Heat resistance / Fire resistance / Chemical resistance / Abrasion resistance
• Very good non conductors of electricity
• Good sound absorbency
• Extra strength and durability / Dimensional stability / Added flexibility
• Resistance to moisture, oil, grease, heat, acids and alkalis

Being alert to the possible dangers is obviously, a positive outcome of asbestos awareness. However, living in a home with asbestos floor tiles does not necessarily mean that you run the risk of asbestos exposure. The asbestos fibres are firmly embedded into the tiles and pose no risk unless the tiles are deliberately broken and asbestos fibres allowed to contaminate the air.