As we have reported previously following an Act of the Scottish Parliament, victims of pleural plaques where eligible for compensation. 

Norwich Union, Royal & Sun Alliance and Zurich Insurance companies attempted to take away the right to compensation in Scotland by challenging the Act in court.  Last week, Lord Emslie rejected this bid by insurers to block the Scottish Parliament’s new law and confirmed the right to compensation for sufferers in Scotland.

Pleural plaque sufferers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are still unable to recover compensation for their injuries.

This leaves the frankly ridiculous situation whereby pleural plaque sufferers in the Prime Minister’s constituency of Rosyth are able to claim but the vast majority of the UK are still unable to claim.

There has been no decision by the Government on what they intend to do for pleural plaques victims despite repeated promises that an announcement is coming soon.  This has left thousands of victims waiting on end for nearly three years to find out if the law will change to allow them to claim.