It was reported on the BBC’s progress Inside Out, South East that 90% of schools in South East England contain asbestos.  The programme used the Freedom of Information Act to conduct the first survey of asbestos in the region’s schools.

The National Union of Teachers has lobbied for all of the asbestos to be removed from schools.  The Government however will not commit to this and is simply refitting old schools.

It is widely reported that teachers have contracted mesothlioma but the full number of teachers who have died from the condition is unknown.  Questions are now being asked in Government about how many teachers may have contracted and died of mesothelioma.

We are no starting to see the emergence of former pupils who may have contracted mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos at their schools and in particular the asbestos ceiling tiles that may have been moved or worked on whilst the students where in classrooms. 

The widely reported case of Dianne Willmore who successfully made a claim against the local council (Knowsley), who where responsible for the school she attended.  It was held after hearing evidence that asbestos-ceiling tiles where frequently moved by other children who were engaging in playing tricks on each other by hiding school bags in the ceiling voids.  Mrs Willmore was also exposed during maintenance work when the ceiling tiles were stacked in busy corridors exposing the children and teachers as they moved between lessons.  The court upheld that the local council had a duty of care to both staff and pupils that they had failed in. 

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