A motion to restore justice for pleural plaques victims has been dealt a massive blow. Pleural Plaques legislation was not mentioned in the recent Queens speech meaning it will not become law this session.

This is despite the fact the Government have been promising a decision since March.

The private members bill which was set to back payouts for victims failed to make it through the House of Lords before the Parliamentary session ended last week.

Some campaigners whilst vowing to continue the fight feel that time is slipping away especially as a general election is looming. Many feel that the Conservative Party will not bring in legislation to right the previous 2007 court decision.

Gordon Brown will meet with MP’s in the next few weeks but his attention he states is concentrated on mesothelioma sufferers and ensuring that they are able to recover compensation as quickly as possible.

It has been suggested by insiders that ministers may instead offer a half way house solution by pledging money for an asbestos research centre but leaving pleural plaques sufferers without compensation.

Unfortunately we continue to wait for a decision but will keep everyone updated.