Despite widespread media coverage and growing popular support the Government have failed to make a decision on whether to legislate and overturn the Johnson case which would enable the suffers of pleural plaques to claim compensation.

A decision has been delayed until the Autumn with an assurance from the Government that the medical evidence will be reviewed.

The whole position surrounding pleural plaques is both confusing and unacceptable. It is now 12 months since the Government opened the consultation and it is unfair to keep people in limbo. We Solicitors have been contacted by a large number of pleural plaques suffers who have read in the media they are entitled to a payment of £5,000. At this moment in time no compensation can be claimed for pleural plaque suffers.

Earlier in the year the Scottish Government overturned the plural plaques decision and allowed victims to pursue compensation. Even this is now being individually reviewed by the insurance companies who hope to save millions of pounds from not paying sufferers they call the “worried well”.

We solicitors find the term “worried well” both derogatory and disrespectful to those suffers who live each day concerned what the future holds, having watched family members, friends and colleagues pass away from the various asbestos related illness. These suffers are worried for a good reason.

If anyone wishes further information please contact Steven Evans at this office.